Travel Notes: Portugal

A few weeks ago I traveled to Portugal for a friend’s wedding.  I instantly fell in love with the charming country and its culture.  Here, a few of my favorite moments, and highly recommended stops in Lisbon and Porto.

The View

Porto is Portugal’s second biggest city, and best known for its packaging and exportation of Port wine.  What’s most incredible, though, is the view.  Split in two parts by the Douro River, Porto is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserving one of Europe’s oldest city centres.

I found this amazing chocolate in a shop in downtown Porto.  The packaging was designed by the shop owner, and what’s inside the packaging is the most delicious chocolate.  The shop sold all locally made treasures, making it a fun stop even if you’re not looking for chocolate.
I love these soaps and have scattered them all around my home.  This specific selection is a special edition; each illustration was inspired by the most iconic sights and scenes of Portugal. 
City Walks
Every building in Porto had unique details.  While walking in downtown Porto I stumbled upon this beautifully tiled building and had to take a picture.  Wouldn’t this design look beautiful in a bathroom?

Here, Andres and I with the bride & groom, at their stunning wedding.  An absolutely magical place, the wedding was held in the botanical garden, overlooking the city of Lisbon.
Sintra is a lovely town on the coast, just outside of Lisbon.  We stopped at Café de Paris for lunch, but picked up pastries from Casa Piriquita – the best pastries in town!
Mass Transit
The best way to see the city of Sintra!  A private Tuk-Tuk ride and tour…
Everywhere we turned there were incredible hand painted tiles with intricate designs and details.  They are already on my mood boards to inspire future collections.
Lisbon is heaven for a coffee lover.  Coffee shops lined the blocks.  Nicola is a famous café, and has been around since the late 18th century!  It moved to its current location in 1929, and with that move came the iconic art deco architecture associated with the café today.   
Local Delicacies
I don’t even like sardines, but the packaging was so beautiful I was willing to try them.

The Art of Mixing & Matching

This Instagram-worthy floor has mastered mixing & matching.  Another one for the mood boards!

Airport Eats
Even the airport food is charming!  While waiting for our connecting flight we sampled Portugal’s traditional pastry, the Pastel de Nata, and of course, a latte!




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Absolutely inspiring!!! I just texted my son. I want to visit Portugal!

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