Caro's Favorite Beaches

Beach: Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este
Some of my most fond memories as a child are the ones from our summer vacations. My family used to go to a beach in Uruguay, called Punta del Este. I consider it “my place in the world.” It is not only beautiful, its where I feel most at home. As a family, I continue thbeach vacation tradition every summer with my husband Andres and our kids, Thomas and Camilla. Our new favorite spot is Jose Ignacio.
The twins and their cousins contemplating the beautiful sunset in Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este.
Thomas running through the dunes with one of our Caro Home beach towels.
Andres and the twins sand surfing!
Camila with our Caro Home beach towel.
Waiting for my horse…
Horseback riding on the beach.
To round out the amazing day riding horses and relaxing on the sand​, we settle in for a traditional Argentinian barbecue right ​on the beach.
One of the ​best views in Jose Ignacio; “ El Faro.”
Beach: The Hamptons 
I feel very fortunate that ​when we moved to NYC we found the equivalent to our Punta in the US. Before my twins were born, we used to spend the occasional weekend in the Hamptons. Eventually those weekends turned into summers and even some winters, too! When I was pregnant with Thomas and Camilla, I used to go to Gibson beach to relax. The beach has always been the place for me to unwind, relax and be inspired.
The twins when they were little, having lunch at Sunset Beach.
Staging the new beach collection.
The twins enjoying the outdoors. 
Sunset at Sagg Main.
View of Gibson Beach.